Pasmo del amor y gracia

It is the only work of Xuárez preserved in the Cathedral of Valladolid and one of the six villancico whose score has survived. It is dedicated "al Santísimo". The text is inspired by a poem “A la venida del Espíritu Santo” of the poet Vicente Zaragoza Sanchez, who became very popular in the seventeenth century, author of a big number of villancico and other poems collected in Lira Poética, edited by Jesus Duce Garcia.

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General edition criteria

Text edition:

The texts have been standardized according to the current spelling rules, but there haven’t been used words omitted nor modified the being ones though they were different to those used in the liturgical books.

The literary source is given when it was found.

To indicate that a repeated text fragment does not appear in the original score, there beingrepeat signs in it, italic is used.

Musical edition:

Incipit: It’s provided at the beginning of every score.

Keys and transposition: Keys have been standardized, using the most common nowadays: G-clef on the second line, Suboctave G-clef on the second line and F-clef on the fourth line.

Time signature: Original time signature and note values have been kept.

Accidentals: They have been normalized according to standard practice, understanding that their effect lasts until the next barline and eliminating, consequently, repeated accidentals in the same measure. Those shown on the staff appear in the original source; the smaller, above the notes, are editor´s suggestion.

Figured bass: If it appears in the original source it is literally transcribed.

Changes and mistakes: They are indicated in the specific edition notes.